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GOATPERSON and other tales

Michael Leunig's 16th book returns to the paperback format with around 80 pages of cartoons and poetry taken from his work published in the Melbourne Age and Sydney Morning Herald in recent years.
Highlights include:

Why do we do it?
The banished angel
How to pay your way
Nothing left except money
The sock
The summer palace
The good uses of a tired husband
Ordinary everyday curses
The plodder
Recipe for rhubarb fool
The housewife’s guide to sexual happiness
The smile
Well connected goat
The festival of Alans
Those people – who are they?
The festival of quiet resignation
The golden thread
The feng shui consultant delivers his report


The moron’s bark
Crazy directory
How may a man measure his own happiness?
Artist, leave the world of art!
The groovy architects
What the punters say about café twaddle
Shopping proverbs
The foodcock
Quilt rage
Humans make you sick
My joyous leaps
What is this life?
Love on the net
100% sane
Children who will not leave home
Our life in bizarre, secret cult
The shadow minister for joy
Little tendrils
Little, tiny, precious vote

"GOATPERSON and other tales" is published by Penguin Books Australia Ltd.
and available through the usual outlets.
ISBN 0 14 029140 7

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