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 Leunig's Carnival of the Animals (Book + CD)

This year's and Leunig's 17th book derive from a project conceived by Richard Tognetti and put together in the summer of 1999-2000. Leunig, The Australian Chamber Orchestra (directed by Tognetti) and Peter Garrett (of rock band 'Midnight Oil') collaborated on a series of performances which brought together the music of Camille Saint-Saens, backdrops by Leunig and narration by Garrett.

The book is a collection of illustrated verse and comes with a CD glued to the front, a recording of one of the performances made in Sydney on May 10th 2000. Garrett narrates the verse, which was, according to the preface, inspired by the original words of Ogden Nash.

Fans of Leunig's whimsical poetry and animal characterisations will enjoy this book. At 44 pages it is short by Leunig standards but most of the illustrations are new or at least, unpublished in book form.

"Leunig's Carnival of the Animals" is published by Pan Macmillan Australia Ltd.
and available through the usual outlets.
ISBN 0 7329 1070 6

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